About Rev. Gina Pond

A Wiccan Christian pastor living in Zurich, Switzerland. Co-founder of the Open Source Alexandrian Tradition (st4r.org) and Leadership Chair of the Progressive Christian Alliance (progressivechristianalliance.org).

Audio of Services Now Available!

If you can’t make the live YouTube service, or would like to listen to Between the Worlds services on the go, you can now listen to the audio versions! The audio version should be up within approximately 24 hours after the live service.

You can listen via my Libsyn webpage:¬†http://betweentheworldschurch.libsyn.com/ and soon you’ll be able to listen via Google Play, Spotify, and iTunes (all of these are taking a while to set up, so it’ll be awhile before they’re on these services).

You can also download via the RSS feed: http://betweentheworldschurch.libsyn.com/rss